Connect to YouTube

1. Configure OAuth

Go to CP → Settings → Videos → YouTube → OAuth and copy the Web Origin and Redirect URL value.

2. Create a Google Console Project

Go to the Google Console and create a new project.

3. Enable YouTube APIs

Under Google Console → My Project → APIs & services → Library, enable the following services:

  • YouTube Analytics API
  • YouTube Data API v3

Before going further you need to configure the consent screen.

Go to Google Console → My Project → Credentials → Consent Screen and make sure to fill the Product name field.

5. Create an OAuth client ID

Go to Google Console → My Project → Credentials and create credentials for a new “OAuth client ID” with the following settings:

  • Application type: Web application
  • Authorized JavaScript origins: Web origin value from step #1
  • Authorized redirect URIs: Redirect URL value from step #1

6. Set Client ID & Secret

The Google Console will provide you with a client ID and client secret for your application.

Copy the values, paste them in CP → Settings → Videos → YouTube → OAuth, and save.

7. Connect to YouTube

Go to CP → Settings → Videos and connect to YouTube.